How to Bake a Pie in a Sheet Pan

Let’s get down and dusty!

Amazing Ice cream and pie, Pie Priestess

Aren’t you ready for the new year? Mmmmm… me too. That’s why I’m cooking up a lot of new posts for you on this brand spankin’ new site… I run full time for now, but I’ve been baking so much this year, I thought I’d put some of that enthusiasm out into the ether for all to see and, hopefully, benefit from as well. So! I’m curious… would you be interested in this sort of post? Your help is greatly appreciated… I’ll be writing the top ten selections in January 2021. Your help will help me stay on target producing content you want to read. Thanks for helping with my little baking experiment!

Cheers, Doc

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Brought to You Proudly from…

Kobe, JAPAN!

Too Busy Baking to Do social! 🙂