Let’s get down and dusty with kid-friendly pie recipes!

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How to Bake Mini Pies with the Help of the Kids!

Baking with kids has to be one of the coolest experiences one can have in the kitchen. And, if the kids in question are even the least bit intersted in what you’re doing, it’s super-fun to see just how involved they can get. Hand them a spatula, get their hands in the flour, and their fingers in the chocolate, you’ll have the makings of a real home baker. Seeing things come together, and knowing their own hands played a part is as rewarding for kids as it is for you when you’re baking, so… if you’ve got a little one at home you’d like to indoctrinate into the kitchen, lets take a look at some nice ways to get those first lessons going with a few mini pie reciepes. Pre-built for kids, these savory and sweet pies’ll treat you and your family well this year… let’s dig in, shall we?

Oh! And if you’ve got a little guy or gal like this hysterical baking ingredient thief, from Baking with Cade (check this cat out below), watch out, you may have your hands full! Your kids certainly will!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNMm4qxeAz4[/embedyt]

This little guy can’t seem to keep his fingers out of the mixing bowl. Four, sugar, egg, it all goes where it shouldn’t—why bake at all, right?

Dead Simple “No Bake” Pudding Pies

Sometimes you just want your pie, and you want it fast. And, if you’re a kid… well… doubly so on most days. That’s why these super easy to “bake” pudding pies from Easy Baby Meals help on multiple fronts: quick to prepare, quick to eat, and grab’n’go ingredients. All you’ll need are ready made pie crusts, pudding made ahead of time, or right in your own kitchen, a wee bit of extract, sugar, and chocolate syrup, and you’re good to go in about ten mintues. So! If you’re looking for a quick and easy pie to work on with the kids, this is as dead simple as it gets.

Prepared by Pillsbury

Just barely a step up from a no bake pie, is one you can craft with the help of the baking kings and queens at Pillsbury. Their choose a fruit mini pies are wonderfully simple to make with your children, and look delicious to boot. Complete in under thirty minutes, all you’ll need for this easy bake recipe will be a box of Pillsbury refigerated pie crusts, a wee bit of sugar and flour, and a can of fruit pie filling of your choosing. Ready to dive in?

To-Die-For Mini Pumpkin Pie with Homemade Whipped Cream

Danielle over at Live Well Bake Often has a lovely recipe for mini pumpikn pies that’ll set your dessert feasting off in the right direction… they’re so tiny and adorable they beg tobe called dessert appetizers! Her recipe clocks in at around 50 minutes because she’s using some creative ingredients in her recipe as well as a homemade pie crust. You can, of course, substitute with a pre made crust, but why not give the kids a chance to make their own dough? This is a good recipe to get them going. We love the addidtion of evaporated milk, her use of pumkin seasoning that isn’t already mixed, and the novelty of cooking these pies in a muffin tin. The homemade whipped cream is also a great thing to try out with your kids… get them thinking about actually baking if they’re at the age where they’ll know the difference, and they’ll be surprising you with their chops in no time flat. This is a yummy looking recipe… we’re ready to make her mini pumpkin pies right now, actually! Oh, and speaking of baking in mufffin tins… 

Latticed Cherry Pie Baked in a Cupcake Pan!

is a cupcake tin the same as a muffin tin? Well.. turns out they are according to the good folks over at Wilton who know a few things about home baking.

Quick-prep Savory Fish Pies

Wonderfully Decorative Baked Apple “PIE”

Sweet Little Pecan Minis

Festive Mincemeat Pies

Yummy 30-minute Muffin Tin Pot Pie

Wanna Bake More Than Just One Mini Pie? How About a dozen?!

A Dozen Isn’t Enough? How About 40 Mini Pies?!

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